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  • How do I apply my graphics.
  • What will the decals stick to.
  • I am not sure how to order./I can't find what I want.
  • What is Face and Mirror Cut.
  • What is meant by detail colour.
  • What is meant by fill colour.
  • What is meant by background colour.
  • What is Application Tape.
  • Are the graphics easily removable, and will the removal damage the paintwork.
  • How long will it take before I receive my order.
  • What are my postage costs.
  • How much is the postage to other European Countries.
  • How long will the decals last.
  • How do I work out the decal height.
  • Will the decals damage my paintwork?

  • For instructions on how to apply the vinyl stickers, please download our Vinyl Application Guide Click HERE.


     The vinyl we use will stick to most clean, wax and dust free surfaces and can be used inside and outside with no problem.


    Just phone us on 01935 426318 (9.30am to 5pm).


    Face Cut is the decal as you see it on screen. Mirror Cut is the opposite hand of Face Cut, this can be used to make the decal face the opposite direction, or for letters, to be stuck on the inside of a window so they would be read normally from the outside. So, Mirror Cut is a Reverse image of Face Cut.


    The detail colour is your colour choice for the outline and main detail of a graphic.


    The fill colour is your colour choice to fill the inside of the graphic.


    The background colour is your colour choice for the box around the graphic.


    This is a low tack adhesive paper we apply to the decals to allow easy application, this is peeled off after application.


    The graphics are easily removable using a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive, and time and patience. A small amount of adhesive may remain this is easily removed with white spirit and a clean cloth.


    All our graphics are produced to order. We aim to send out your graphics within 2 - 5 days of receiving the order, unfortunatly the postal service is beyond our control. (see Shipping & Delivery for further information). For made to order graphics, delivery can depend on the complexity of the artwork being produced.


    All UK orders are sent Royal Mail post. (see Shipping & Delivery for further information).


    We charge a fixed price of £4.99 for postage to all European Countries, this is by Royal Mail, Airmail delivery.


    Your decals should last a minimum of 5 to 7 years outdoors. It is the responsibility of the end user to protect the decals. But, in some cases, we know decals have lasted well over 10 years!


    Take the width of the area you want to stick your decal and multiply it by the height number below the decals options. If the height is too high, choose another width and try again until you have the height and width you require.


    Vinyl graphics will not damage your cars paint surface. If the decals are subject to direct sunlight for several years then you may see a difference in colour where the decal was when you come to remove it. This takes several years and will vary from car to car. We recommend protecting the surface of your car with wax to prevent this as much as possible.



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